8 misunderstandings that make you lose everything before pregnancy

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Abstract: If you want to get pregnant, you must be at the optimal childbearing age, and you must eliminate your own psychological obstacles. Finally, you must avoid stepping into the misunderstanding of preparing for pregnancy, otherwise all efforts may be lost. First, do not miss the best age for childbearing. Due to unstable work, low savings, no house, etc., many young married couples will not choose to have children soon. Indeed, giving birth requires waiting

If you want to get pregnant, you must be at the optimal childbearing age, and you must eliminate your own psychological obstacles. Finally, you must avoid stepping into the misunderstanding of preparing for pregnancy, otherwise all efforts may be lost.

First, don't miss the best age to give birth

Due to unstable work, low savings, no house, etc., many young married couples will not choose to have children soon.

It is true that you need to wait for the time to have a child, but experts remind that the best age for childbearing is about 25 years old, and it is best not to exceed 28 years old. As people grow older, their fertility is declining. If they become pregnant too late, the chance of embryo malformations will increase.

Psychological disorders and infertility

The cause of infertility is complex. In addition to organic lesions or dysfunction, psychological factors cannot be ignored.

In fact, psychological disorder is also a disease, which can also cause infertility. Women's long-term infertility, especially after multiple treatments have no effect, often lead to sensitive interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, paranoia. As the marriage age increases and the age increases, psychological stress becomes more severe.

For patients with infertility and psychological disorders, it is mainly dependent on psychological treatment. There are many ways of psychotherapy, depending on both the doctor and the family and yourself. At the same time, patients should also improve their "immunity", maintain mental health, and reduce doubts and tension. Reducing or alleviating the psychological barriers of infertility patients can not only improve the natural conception rate, but also improve the quality of life of patients.

Third, avoid the misunderstanding of preparing for pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, you also need to learn to avoid misunderstandings to prevent pregnancy.

Myth 1

In fact, the pregnancy time is almost the same, as long as I am not more than 35 years old, my fertility is still strong.

Expert analysis:

Although women's reproductive ability will weaken after the age of 35, many women in their 20s also suffer from infertility. It is true that your fertility is the strongest in your 20s, but as you grow older, your fertility will decrease with age, even before you reach 35.

Correct way:

To grasp the best fertility age 24-30 years, the most fertile period of time, is conducive to the baby's physical development.

Choosing a good eugenic time is key to having a good baby. From a medical point of view, it is best to choose a warm and comfortable climate and a food-rich month, which can create favorable conditions for pregnant mothers to ingest various nutrients in time. At the same time, we must effectively prevent various viral infectious diseases, including vaccination in advance, quit smoking and alcohol, pay attention to sleep, exercise and so on.

Myth 2

I have a normal menstrual period and have been pregnant. I can conceive a child as long as I stop contraceptive.

Expert analysis:

People who take contraceptives need to stop taking them for at least 3 months before getting pregnant, because hormones in the contraceptives can also affect early embryo development. For most couples, they are rarely successful in the first month of trying to conceive, and a healthy couple has only a quarter of the chance of being successful in each cycle.

Correct way:

If you are pregnant for more than one year and still haven't become pregnant, you need to consult a doctor. First, the husband checks the quantity and quality of sperm, and then the wife does an internal examination to see if there are problems with reproductive organs; endocrine testing; uterine mucus examination to diagnose whether hormone secretion and ovulation are normal; penetrating examination of sperm to cervical mucus to determine Check if there are antibodies in the mucus that can kill sperm; check the fallopian tubes to see if they are clear. Finally, discuss the solution with the doctor based on the test results.

Myth 3

Our husband and wife are very healthy, so we can let it go and there is no need to do some pre-pregnancy check.

Expert analysis:

You may think your body looks healthy, but that doesn't mean your fertility is also healthy. In fact, some young men and women who look very healthy, their parents also look healthy, they are actually carriers of the disease-causing genes.

Correct way:

The couple must have a comprehensive physical examination before pregnancy to see if there is a genetic history or some infectious diseases that affect fertility such as hepatitis and hypertension.

At the stage of preparing for pregnancy, it is very beneficial to improve the quality of newborns by going to the major maternity and infant health care centers or family planning guidance offices to hear the opinions of doctors and experts. Preparing for pregnancy will avoid many of the worries and anxieties associated with unwanted pregnancy.

Myth 4

If we calculate the ovulation period, we have enough sexual lives to be pregnant.

Expert analysis:

Only a few days in a month can increase your chances of conception, and that is your ovulation period. Unfortunately, you may not be able to encounter ovulation every time, so timing is very important. Many couples have frequent intercourse to create humans, which may also cause aging sperm to combine with egg cells.

Correct way:

Basal body temperature was used to determine whether ovulation was normal. Measurement method: Before going to bed, throw the mercury column below 35 ° C and place it on the pillow. Wake up early in the morning (when the night shifter sleeps for 68 hours during the day) before doing any activities, put the thermometer under the tongue to measure the mouth temperature 5 Minutes are recorded and plotted on a daily basis.

Ovulation mostly occurs on the days when the basal body temperature is the lowest, or about one week before and after the transition from the low-temperature phase to the high-temperature phase. The basal body temperature of women with normal ovulation is generally slightly lower after menstruation, and the ovulation day may be lower. The body temperature after ovulation is 0.30.5 ° C higher than before ovulation.

Myth 5

A pregnancy test is a woman's business!

Expert analysis:

"For inspections, men do not have immunity." Medical examinations are also very important for men. Male pregnancy tests include male laboratory tests. Among them, fine examinations can best reflect the current fertility status of men, followed by hematuria and hepatitis A, C and B. Virus, screening of high-risk groups for syphilis, HIV testing, etc. If the sperm deformity rate is high, it will also affect the development of the germ.

Correct way:

Take her husband to the hospital for an examination with yourself. It is advisable that after the cause of the husband is ruled out, the pregnant mother should have a fallopian tube angiography.

Myth 6

When you are pregnant, start nutrition.

Expert analysis:

Many women of childbearing age will not realize whether they are pregnant or not before the menstrual period, and then go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips or go to the hospital to confirm. Therefore, many issues that need attention before pregnancy are too late to prepare.

Correct way:

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, women should add 0.4 mg of folic acid every day, because folic acid is very important for the development of the neural tube of the baby and can reduce the risk of neural tube deformity in the newborn. From the 3 months before pregnancy, you should also pay attention to supplement protein, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients to ensure the development of reproductive cells and fully prepare for the baby's arrival.

Vaccinations are definitely based on the physical condition of the pregnant mother. It is best to ask in advance about the appropriate injection time. After all, some precautionary measures will be more secure.

Myth 7

Just quit smoking and drinking and stay away from radiation before pregnancy.

Expert analysis:

Due to lack of experience, many couples naturally think of quitting smoking and alcohol before preparing for pregnancy, thinking that this can give birth to a healthy baby. As everyone knows, some bad habits in daily life will also affect the baby's development and health.

The health status, nutrition, and mental factors of both men and women during conception will affect the quality of fertilized eggs. Therefore, you should carefully choose the timing of conception, and choose to conceive in a situation where both parties are healthy, comfortable, and full.

Correct way:

Pay attention to maintaining good health and normal life rhythm. It is necessary to strengthen self-care, pay attention to adjusting the physical and mental state before pregnancy, and make adequate psychological preparations for pregnancy.

Myth 8

Eat as much nutrition as possible before pregnancy, the more nutrition the better the baby's health!

Expert analysis:

Pre-pregnancy nutrition preparation does not mean that more is better, for example, blindly ingesting high-fat, high-protein food is definitely not a clever move, and may even bring unexpected consequences.

Correct way:

First, develop good eating habits. Eat a variety of food, not partial food, do not be afraid of mouth. Supplementation should follow the scientific and reasonable principles, and special attention should be paid to the intake of protein, minerals and vitamins. Pay attention to food choices and avoid eating contaminated food. Learn to identify scientifically, give the baby a nutritional future, and give the expectant mother a nutritional physical basis.

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