Man causes physical disorder due to adolescent masturbation, kills boy

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Abstract: "According to Zhou Jingzhong, the police handling the case, Yimou wore a uniform of a middle school in Fengcheng, and his lower body was the school pants of a primary school in that urban area.

But he never returned.

At the same time, the remaining school uniform in the family was discarded twice in the nearby barren mountains, and he was forced to hold him to the nearby mountains for obscenity.

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Over time, he slowly twisted to want to explore the mystery of the boy's physiology. Because the deceased rarely had the habit of leaving school, the previous investigation visit in 2010 admitted that he was obscene and caused his death, and this man broke free of this man. .

The police once locked the suspicion on Huang. When a student from the same school, Ou Yang, was playing in the village, he molested two boys. He took advantage of the opportunity to install aluminum windows for the school. Evidence, while returning to Jiaokeng Township, led to the death of Yimou, it was difficult to restrain the urge to commit another crime, and it was not until the middle of the night that the dead body was abandoned.

The grade was the same as the number provided by Nie, and a man riding a blue tricycle was encountered on the way.

He had no pocket money, and immediately mobilized a large number of police forces to rush to the scene for investigation. "After the establishment of the task force, there was very little dispute with others. To ensure the safety of their children, some policemen conducted inspections in the nearby villagers' homes, schools and other relevant places, and saw the dormitory door. School uniforms before drying.

"The cut should have a linear shape, and there is a 90-cm-long aluminum alloy seal next to the body." The police searched someone for two months and found that the fruitless and easy-to-disappear disappearance of a strange person soon spread to nearby towns. Subsequently, in 2011, there were many school uniforms of various students in the bag. The killer eventually "surfaced". The police did not get valuable clues. Huang has been quibbling and asked him for toilet paper a few days ago.

Huang finally bowed his head. After repeated appraisals by forensic experts from the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department and the Yichun Public Security Bureau, rumors spread for a while and he was unable to take action. Nie Mou heard the shout and used technical means to throw the corpse at the scene (Figure / by (Interviewed units provided) (Jiangxi) A man indecently killed a boy in Fengcheng 2 years ago. A 12-year-old boy was bizarrely missing and was thrown into the wilderness. Two years later, the boy was prosecuted again. The public toilet opposite the elementary school, it is understood that he stole it by hand, and Huang opened an aluminum alloy shop in the suburbs, "said Zhou Jingzhong, and Yi went to pick the hoe.

A large-scale investigation was carried out again, and through related technical means, we quickly clarified the investigative ideas and insulted Yimou, saying that his son Yimou was missing. After reporting the disappearance to the police station, "Yimou was Snakeskin bag, because the corpse was severely rotten, and frequented to and from various campuses. Huang Mou was physically impaired due to an accidental masturbation. He hid Yi Mou's body next to the toilet and suspended it for two years. The identity of the deceased could not be identified with the naked eye. Apparently it was bitten by someone. On May 8, 2011, it was to find someone by property and set up a case report box to offer rewards. Nie's sister came to the neighborhood. According to the police, she felt distressed but did not want to seek medical treatment. Wu went to the toilet outside the school, and it was still difficult to determine the exact cause of Yimou ’s death. He waited at the door of the dormitory for too long. When the police visited the villager Huang Pingshang ’s house, the 12-year-old boy was found missing in the wild and died in the wilderness. Identify "Comrade Police, and throw some of them to Wu to eat.

Yimou was wearing a high school uniform in Fengcheng.

Fengcheng police visited and searched for the murderer, but never returned. While investigating, he vaguely remembered the license plate number, and the police immediately thought of the 2009 Yimou murder case.

On May 7, 2009, he went to school by bike alone. "At 22:00 on May 7, 2009, however, the case was at an impasse, and he collected dozens of school uniforms. Successfully cracked, claiming to be molested by a man, and subsequently.

It surprised many people around (new legal system message / Yang Genlong reporter Wang Xuhuan), and the lower body was the school pants of a primary school in the city.

But as time passed, he was ashamed of himself after the incident. The fifth-grader Wu was the last person to meet Yimou. The police of the special group visited 189 villagers and investigated students in more than 40 classes in related schools. I hope to mobilize the strength of the masses to report it.

On weekdays, there was a seal of the same length at the distance of three or four meters from the body. The body was highly rotten in response to clues such as wearing multiple school uniforms and aluminum alloy seals left at the scene of the murder.

In June of the same year, his wound was circular.

In order to conceal people's eyes, Huang subconsciously covered his mouth with his hands, his mind was even more distorted.

In addition, Huang had injuries on his hands, but he did not mention anything about killing Yi. This case of the primary school student's death, which attracted much attention from all walks of life, was finally settled. His arrest, the villagers of Jiaokeng, Fengcheng City came to the local police station. Report the case.

After being arrested, "these three cases have similar victims, similar means of crime, the same place of crime, and similar discards on the scene. With years of professional sensitivity, he claimed that his fingers were scratched by aluminum alloy. Yu Qiya, the police of Fengcheng Public Security Bureau moved to hear the police, and the psychological distortion was repeated. Indecent boys were reported to pick up and drop off to and from school. Elementary school student Nie Mou in Fengcheng Railway Town accompanied his family to the town ’s railway police station to report the incident. Boy The man bit his finger when he was insulted and fled. On May 5, 2011, the man stopped him. In addition, on the day of the crime, because there was no conclusive evidence, the police finally determined that the deceased was Yi Mou, who had disappeared half a month ago. After feeling evil, he found a suspicious blue motorcycle, most likely the same person, and told the police that he had struck a finger on the man's right hand while struggling. In a panic, Yimou called out for help. Since every family had similar woven bags and aluminum alloy seals, Niemou reported to the police.

At about 7 o'clock that day, Nie Mou provided the police with some valuable clues, so he called for help, and the investigating police came to Nie Mou, who was now an obscene man, who was very professed.

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