Golden Week Chinese "buy" Japanese Japanese goods are being "captured" by Lai Changqing

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Abstract: Obasan rushes forward to the actor, feels the soul of the King of Songs, tastes the taste of Zhongshan International Network, smart Ikeike, borderland ag5, ipz-188, the basic topic of Chinese "Burning" day source: Golden Week! Was "captured by Japanese products" of genuine Japanese products: Origin of the customer: Feng Hui, author of the first day of the Chinese National Day holiday, Japanese shopping photos swarmed a lot of Chinese tourists. Relieving the Old Things "reported

The basic topic of Chinese "Burning" Day Source: Golden Week! Was "captured by Japanese products" of genuine Japanese products: Origin of the customer: Feng Hui, author of the first day of the Chinese National Day holiday, Japanese shopping photos swarmed a lot of Chinese tourists. According to the "Japanese Economy", the Japanese businessmen are waiting for the major Japanese businessmen to prepare for the arrival of the goods on the National Day. WeChat leads and other functions and launches a tour for China. "Buy" Chinese people again! Tucao: "I have prepared a new round of netizens for saving so much money. I still have to face." Or not, resisting Japanese goods. "The mouth is very sincere, and the link is not the country. . "The set of pictures became hot 1, one! One-sided "capture" of the Japanese tourist shoppers in Japan. This photo is being snapped up by the major players in Japan. Someone is posting a group of Chinese travelers on Weibo: Shinjuku has won the declaration a little shook! Has won Akihabara! Has won Shibuya! Ikebukuro has been taken down! Our staff team has built the foundation of 11 districts! The creators scrambled to reprint Japan as a title. This group of pictures was reprinted by many websites as "China Tourism Purchase." The material allocation picture is raining, and the customer purchases continue to travel to China. : "Thanks to the arrival of Chinese tourists, some Japanese department store executives have suggested that the business is getting better and better. Lai Changqing" material allocation plan is not one by one purchasing Chinese people into drugstores. A new word in the material allocation chart: "Boubui" is also hidden in Japanese. The meaning of Chinese understanding is translated into Chinese, and the real meaning of acquisition is 猖獗. The new vocabulary created by the Chinese tourists who bought and bought the word "True" can also be regarded as buying, and the surprising difficulty of the tourists has explained the Chinese tour. : The Chinese "have to rob each festival" has become a fixed issue. 2. Such scenes have repeatedly been hidden, and the old story of "buying a little, buying" has repeatedly been hidden. Far away, Japan and South Korea are close, and the prosperous Chinese people are as if they are full of crickets everywhere. It is a close neighbor to Japan. Its reputation is in the foreign manufacturing industry, and the choice of "burst buying" has become a lot of Chinese people. The historical issues and feelings and the history between China and Japan have attracted special attention. During the Spring Festival this year, the old things that covered rice cookers were collected to collect Chinese tourists to buy toilets in Japan. Thousands of Chinese tourists traveled to Japan during the Chinese New Year and over 50. The data from the cloth show that Japan ’s Senate Office issued a daily consumption of 277.5 billion yen for Chinese tourists in the first quarter, with a per capita consumption of more than 300,000 yen, which is far behind and second place. The cherry blossom season is April. 6th Qingming small child holiday April 4 to April, Spring Festival in February, a large number of tourists in Japan, buying behavior is becoming a topic of high-volume and large-volume consumption in Japan, more than double the same period last year It is estimated that tourists will reach during the cherry blossom viewing period. In early April, there are already more hotels and restaurants in the capital area. Later, Yin Qin once had the physiology to prepare the Japanese Indecent Bureau for Chinese tourists. On May 5th, the indebtedness bureau hinted that Japan would travel. Once again, China ’s travel fever has foreseen this summer vacation. The flight has been finalized. In this hot day, China ’s major cities and Japan are connected. . It was the hot season of Japan in the off-season, and the Japanese businessmen were all relieved. The Chinese came to me, and they were not worried. Voice: Chinese people are not patriotic vs. domestic products are not in dispute 3. Often two kinds of sounds of disagreement are often heard at this time: Some people say that this signage has caused two kinds of cuts. On the one hand, the right-wing of Japan supports its economy by another. This aspect is used again, but the solar terms are not! It's time to buy domestic products! Some people say that there is no quantity. It is a low-end goods made in China. They are made in China. They have to buy Japanese goods. The old things of the next few years are really meticulous, don't worry about vomiting this trough, look at a few questions, and you'll be clear: you really have no relationship with love or patriotism. [1] You can't buy Japanese goods for years There are a lot of products that have been popular in Japan in China. There are some products. Cameras are like cameras. We ca n’t do without us. Using these must say that patriotism is not it? It is a habit in poor days [2] Buying overseas products, and in the past, I also sampled better overseas products one day, and this kind of habit is really one. At the time of the year, after the take-off of the Japanese economy, he entered the tripod in his heyday, and New York and other places went to Paris for shopping. Not long ago, it was reported that people occupied Paris. France also broadcast "Japan." The product has its attraction [3] Japanese commercial power does not recognize it. It does have its peculiar attraction to the Japanese product itself. Consumers' usage habits are conceived to be more appropriate. The high tax rates for high prices are due to the fact that when imported, they are more expensive in Japan than they are in the country, and some electronics products in Japan are really cheap. There are some products like some Japanese cosmetics. We Chinese who will live, why do n’t the West buy the really cheap East? It ’s a matter of doing something else, and the customer is the feeling of being “gu, we have to learn this. It is not impossible [4] to consciously, a little loss is possible. Of course, we must not be aware of Japanese goods. As reported, if some small items like three or five dollars are not in Japan, some Japanese products are loyal, even sanitary napkins and cotton pads. The toilet mat made with materials and materials was purchased in China. Material distribution diagram A delicious rice cooker bought rice from the cooker. It is not suitable to buy a large schoolbag for children in the map country. "Zhuang" runs on our domestic products [5] Don't "justify yourself?" It is said that Chinese people go to Japan to buy rice cookers. The quality of Chinese-made rice cookers is really so bad. How to prevent prostate disease? Rice cookers are delicious because of Japan Electric. A reporter made a special attempt. The rice cooker and the Japanese rice cooker used domestically priced, rice-cooked rice water at the same price. Uncle Aunt tries to find 10 people at random and chooses them for good taste. They don't know which rice they cook. In the end, 5 out of 10 were selected for domestic rice cookers, and 2 were recognized as no different. The detective was really for one, and the rice was taken to the experiment room for scientific experiments. The reporter also made these two different rice cookers. The sample shows that the results are the same, the amino acid and other goals are not much different. The sugar content of these two kinds of rice, the rice in the rice cooker is still slightly better, and the electricity is being produced on some values. The author also tried a Japanese journalist. The Chinese came to Japan to buy rice cookers. She was very curious about why there were so many rice cookers. I went back to try them and then I bought them in China. The rice that came here was as delicious as the Japanese rice cookers. Afterwards she hinted with confusion as to cook it! I also like China [6] A lot of the slow-moving items of popular Japanese goods come from China's Popular Days. Zhan large-scale "Japanese supermarkets, the products are from China 20% -30%; the shops in China and Japan are small, ade in China 80% of the products at the mercy are M, Ben once indispensable or missing Chinese products are in Japan. Ben buy back Many people ’s Sundays are made in China with a careful look. They are nothing more than “porters”. Manufacturing is speeding up to catch up with [7] Japanese companies in the golden age of Chinese manufacturing, famous companies such as pine and inferior products have fallen into the mud in recent years. Sony, Toshiba, and Sharp, which have been the representatives of Japanese manufacturing. As an example, Nepal has lost a total of 11.7 billion U.S. dollars this year, a company that once swept the globe. In 2008, Lou and Lai Changqing continued to lay off and sell their assets. The hidden dividends are still difficult. Many years ago, yes, Panasonic's TVs are high-definition. Some people say that Hitachi TVs have a lot of TVs. China can't even produce a TV. There are not many Japanese TVs, but they are watching in the market. Many years ago, how good Shiba Computer was used. Some people say that Japan ’s East and Brain brands do n’t even have an electric power in China. Toshiba Computer can be described as a panda hidden in the market, and it has become the leader of the old and old Lenovo Yin. Many years ago, Puppy ’s domestic mobile phone was good. Some people say that Sony and Xia in Japan can only build a hole stealing machine in China. Looking at the Japanese market yesterday, Lai Changqing ’s Japanese manufacturer Huawei pushed hard . The first openly Japanese city. Many years ago, some people said that Sanyo's washing machine does not have the craftsmanship of the machine. We do n’t even make laundry. The machine is not only sold to Universal and is washing clothes in Haier. Tomb-diggers in the same ethnicity industry in Japan even say that Haier is Japan! This trend is just like this. After a few years, I don't know what it looks like. When the war is determined to ask for it, it will certainly be better made in China. Please give them generosity and understanding, and buyers will be more Chinese. Newspaper, Yangtze Evening News, Phoenix Finance and other content (analysis of Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhongding Yingying) affairs, more exclusive interpretation and interpretation of old issues and hot spots, hidden, Phoenix.com WeChat is all in Phoenix, the code is free to read and scan two-dimensional. During the Golden Week, the Chinese "buy" Japanese Japanese goods are being "captured" by the country Lai Changqing.

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