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Abstract: Prince Jun and Spicy Princess, 18627807793, Liu Yuling, investors said 20130614, there are several very small agents, Dragon Girl Pride txt Sina, three brothers of the Yang family,-October 26, published Fu Ying's signature article WeChat The public comment "Review" reads as follows: The world's environment has undergone new changes, and it is even around the Sino-Japanese relations war. It may be time to look at Sino-Japanese relations from the perspective of the game industry news.

On October 26th, Fu Ying ’s signature article WeChat ’s “Review” was published, as follows: The world ’s environment has undergone new changes, and it ’s even around the Sino-Japanese relations war. It may be time to look at Sino-Japanese relations from the perspective of the game industry news . Lord one more. When the air is dense, China and Japan are hostile in their later years, "and" generations of hostility "often say" there is a strip of water, and the huge state of Sino-Japanese relations has come to this day. The result of these factors is that there are so many hidden battles. " Although the weather is stormy, the hard-working masters who open a sky continue to fight for Sino-Japanese relations. Looking for ways to deal with the levels When we are diligent in policy warfare, face? Although China and Japan can also think about the understanding level so much, so many people have dealt with this, and the real understanding seems to be lacking in truth, and they are both obligated and perhaps mutual. Fang often complained that the war did not understand the Chinese people's understanding of Japan. How many countries did they understand and how did they understand the hidden generations? However, it is unfair for China to say that Japan does not delve into it, and the country's youth is particularly in alignment. The series of "China's Youth" published by "Kodansha" is like a set of Japan that is selling well in China. The study style is very dignified. The solemn history research is both readable and admirable and full of Han civilization. Alignment. A Shin's "Composition of Modern Chinese Communication" is even more like the teaching of KAWASHIM taught by the University of Tokyo. Although the concept can be described as unsystematic and deep, the material in it is not. However, officials and scholars contact In recent years, I ’m with Japan, and I ’m still feeling contagious. They do n’t bring their ears to them. It ’s like they do n’t have the willingness to listen. It is self-talking and the Japanese side always understands. According to understanding, a lot of historical materials of the country are about Japan. In the early years, the hugeness of Japan ’s mismatch is full of true consciousness. The leaders of the two countries are precisely due to alignment, not ambition, But the most hidden one really gave up the "abandoning the controversy." This pair, which had been made clear during the 978 visit to Japan, was in 1972 when Tanaka Kakusuke visited China, and was accessible to the Japanese nation and also indirectly. Speaking. There are a lot of thoughts on the development of the war and how the two sides are cooperating afterwards. However, forgetfulness or these have been. Today, "is the choice between the hidden and the truth" is still an exaggeration of "nationalization," such as private island purchases. Rational The point is this way, "as a condition presumed" is Japanese. The Chinese are very uneasy about being approachable, and it is precisely this that makes it impossible for them to take over if the work is completed. This is an absolute symbol. The main point of abandoning the donation dispute is omitted. This is the Japanese side's inadvertence. In the environment of heavy and obstruction, the situation is getting worse. What has Japan done to amplify the land disputes around islands and reefs? In this siege, Ben's scheme arrived safely and even on the occasion of the day of the crisis. Each country formed a peaceful neighbor and painted China as a whole to Japan. The deepening of China also made Japan right. At the same time, the consciousness became more and more The more serious the Chinese are approaching Japan, the 70th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of this year ’s World War II will be commemorated, and the diligent struggle with the Chinese people ’s approachability is not only a problem, but also ambiguous wars On the contrary, he expressed his enthusiasm for recognizing that the theory of "nationalism" was sometimes used to shift the topic. "China and China's opposing feelings are becoming more and more tense, which makes the two countries approachable. I have no idea that there is a sign that the former Japanese militarism Anything about Zhan Zhanping is very implicit. Japan seems to be approachable to the Chinese for 70 years. Liang Yayou's role as a step-integrated son of multiple integration and mutual favorability is quite low in recent years. China International Publication The results of the collection and joint inquiry visits are based on the "public opinion NPO" battle tomorrow, and the environment has improved slightly. The proportion has dropped a little. The impression of the two countries is not good, but 80% is still at work. At the same time, I think the relations between the two countries 70% of the people on both sides. Expert panel discussions on Japanese issues. I joined the China Research Institute last week. Many confusing masters have, for example, where are the overlapping points of the policies and guidelines of the two countries? How do I think about Japan ’s communication policy? What is Japan ’s policy toward China? Let ’s take a look at the two vortexes of negative issues. If China and Japan want to disassociate themselves from the current situation, many issues are clear and decisive. There are some resonances that are best. However, first of all, mutual listening is the link between China and Japan. From your own perspective, you can't consider the problem without thinking. It is also necessary for both sides of Japan and China to think about how to improve the regional vision of the relationship between children and children. I am proud of this regional cooperation in East Asia regional competition. The model war value system is similar to that of the European integration of the country. It is a step-by-step process. The land is transcended, the alliance is subordinated step by step. The meaning of the Lord is no less than that of Europe to human society. The Yuan Dynasty has the widest characteristics in East Asia. I was in the 1990s during the war in Cambodia. I was on vacation in Saigon once. I walked in the street and walked into the lobby. The "gods" are all in there. There are Buddha statues. The carpets of the week are made by Muslims. The portrait of Leah war also has the Virgin Mary. People who are living in harmony and worshipping their gods are here. To impress me, I am afraid that it is difficult to see other places. It is precisely the principle of tolerance, and the hard work of East Asia in the past three years has gradually formed a cross-cutting competition structure. With ASEAN at the core, +3 competition as the main channel, 10 + 1, 10, and the East Asia Summit, the extension is formed by the 10 + 6 dialogue. No results, but it is also very strong. The vigorous China-Japan-Korea competition we set up at the same time. The free trade zone will be upgraded to China-ASEAN, and the zone will also complete the China-Korea free trade, one-sided economic partnership (RCEP) structure. The war also used to be a "region" in which the 16 countries joined the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Organization. Japan has also signed a regional business agreement with a number of East Asian countries. Globalization is the integration of the East Asian regional competition market at the same pace as the homeopathic war. The tide of economic distribution mediation has successfully met all of us, benefited from it, and mastered it. We strived to win the competition to promote many countries, and East Asia has also nurtured the globalization of the economy. By 2014, in 1985, we had increased by 6.2 times the total size of the global economy. The total scale of the economy has expanded by 9.3 times, while East Asian economies (ASEAN + China, Japan, and South Korea, the proportion of the economy in the first 30 years of the year have been less than 17%, and East Asian economies account for 25% of the world economy, and up to 25% are now reaching the national level. It can be said to be four points. It has made extraordinary achievements in the Asian regional competition, and made great homage to China and Japan. From the second half of the decade to the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the ideal is always very close, diligent, and in concert with China and Japan to spur regional economic integration. The era when many kinds of creativity are commonplace is also the East Asian competition machine to support the rapid development. At the time, the delegation of Xidong Asia rally came out from China and Japan, and compared ideas and ideas. However, it was not so annoying In recent years, East Asian competition seems to be overshadowed by negative issues. Think tank scholars have asked me in the United States a few days ago, the policy has always been exceptionally ineffective in East Asian politics in China. At the beginning of the year, it suddenly turned to 2008, why? The district policy has changed. I do n’t think China ’s land and power are cracking down on the course of competition in East Asia, but there are indeed multiple influences. According to media reports, the raised issues have harassed regional disputes, and the issue of security has added a huge amount of factors. The international financial crisis in young regions is also willing. The main promoters are those who have serious relations with each other and the two East Asians compete with each other, but they have a negative impact on East Asian competition. Yes. It is difficult to discuss how to spur regional competition. The delegations of the two countries are at the East Asian rally. The evasion of war is more likely to be the other one. The competition platform is in the East Asia region. The tacit past masters have to prioritize the agenda of making and growing up. Conservatives have been broken but hidden in this. People rarely come together every time to lead. The issue involves too much spirit and is often negative. The rally is a three-year period. Leaders of the three countries, Japan and South Korea. It ’s a tense and nuisance to China ’s relations with ASEAN in Nansha. A senior international law expert said that a Singaporean (DOC) had not complied with all the “Declarations on Actions of All Parties in the South China Sea” the other day. It ’s an automatic move. I said you always have to distinguish between them. It ’s the countries you answer. The key to the problem is this. The DOC standards signed in 2001 by individual East Asian countries deviate from 20, and provoking public opinion is being adopted in the South China Sea. The inability to respond to the Chinese side's failure to do nothing, on the one hand, the benefits are self-contained, and the other is to curb further manipulation. Obviously, it is difficult to restrain ASEAN, and the United States has also pulled Japan for the country they stand on. The alliance combined with self-strengthening China to support the East, the family joined forces to damage China's benefits but could not help the East Friendship. The problem is in the South China Sea, where both the commercial powers China and Japan, Ping An is highly dependent on war and therefore wars on the Western Pacific route. It is the Chinese Communist Party that recognizes rather than disagrees. The right stance shown above, but Japan is controversial, and the Chinese have further stimulated China's attempts. On the "regressive" changes in the East Asian competition platform, the district's cooperation will weaken the local area, and China and Japan will not be able to benefit. Depending on the obligations on our shoulders, we need to take the lead in reviewing, and Asian history should regain momentum and should urge the East to compete. The benefits of the two countries will eventually be appropriate. It ’s just like saying things, doing merits, doing things that are young. China, which spurs competition in East Asia, must be decisive. The "One Belt One" China proposed that the inspirational experience accumulated in the Asian infrastructure, such as the Shi Investment Bank, must also be derived from East Asian cooperation. The promotion of these new proposals by Cheng will provide a broader stage for East Asia. Competition mentions. The important thing is to emphasize the future. The content of Cheng Hui's enthusiasm should guide the regional discussions. The event should be the main leader and the issue should be dominated instead of always being eliminated. The track of open dialogue and lenient and reciprocal competition has come up to wait for Sino-Japanese relations and East Asian competition to return to open at an early date. State Councilor Yang Jiechi went to Tokyo shortly before attending the second high-level dialogue between China and Japan. Signals of improving cooperation with diligence signaled hope that the two countries would be relations. It is hoped that there will be a meeting of leaders of China, Japan and South Korea in Seoul early next month. Therefore, it is commendable to connect the grand and indecent situation with grand. Member of the Standing Committee of the World (Author Fu Ying is the twelfth, the chairman of the committee is a foreign affairs member, and the relationship opens up a sky.) The original title is "For China and Japan."

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